Construction activities at the Chios Mastic Research and Development Center continue at an intensive pace, most recent being the completion of the air conditioning & ventilation systems.

Since the project started, the basic intention of the facilities’ design was its typological differentiation from a “typical” industrial facility, but at the same time meeting pharmaceutical industry specifications.

Being a pioneer both in sustainable development and in cooling and ventilation systems, Daikin has been actively involved in the implementation of this project. The main goals achieved were the creation of complete comfort conditions, energy saving and a high level of efficiency.

Chios Mastiha Research & Development Center was founded in 2017 in the region of Kallimassia, Chios island. It aims to combine academical knowledge with industrial production, creating innovative products based on Chios Mastic. The Center is founded by worthy Greek partners:

IASIS PHARMA and its affiliated company Pharma Q,
Chios Mastiha Growers Association and its affiliated company Mediterra,
Pharmagnose, the spin-off company of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Athens.

The facilities cover a total area of about 1,600m2, with high production standards. Combining Research with pilot productions, this Center aims to put the emphasis on the range of therapeutic and beneficial actions of the unique Chios Mastic.