Every day IASIS PHARMA aims to succeed in four fields:

• The first field is the People who are relying on IASIS PHARMA: patients and their relatives, whom our products meet their needs; and doctors and pharmacists who put their trust in our medicines. With these people IASIS PHARMA fights to gain their trust and do itself justice. This can only be accomplished in one way: each product has to heal, relieve, prevent; in other words to fully correspond to its purpose.

For all of us who work in IASIS PHARMA, the application of laws is not sufficient. We feel obliged to keep IASIS PHARMA’s ethics code; a code, which is based on an upright feeling of responsibility towards the health professional, the patient and also his/her familiars who care for his/her health. Our ethics code is not just a piece of paper with some instructions. It’s the result of a long and consistent company culture which every employee in IASIS PHARMA, regardless of position, has adopted and embraced.

• The second field, is IASIS PHARMA’s Human Resources. The Management feels compelled to offer a “protective umbrella” to every responsible employee, when thinking about the future of the Company. The Management has not and does not want to have as a unique criterion the increase of profit . It grants as more important the company’s function as a “sound unit” within an environment that puts every venture to test.

• The third field, is IASIS PHARMA’s Collaborators who, for most people are considered simply as the providers and merchants. However, as far as we are concerned, collaborators have exactly the meaning of their definition. Our appreciation to them is unlimited as long as they help us, to keep the quality of our products high and are at the disposal of everyone that needs them in hospitals and pharmacies.

• The fourth field, is the Social Tissue(?) within IASIS PHARMA functions. By this term, companies usually mean the care for the environment, which it is unarguably of great importance. Furthermore, the Management supports projects that promote the culture of our country; however, it does not consider it necessary to announce them, since it is the appreciation of creators which gives us the real strength to continue and not the publicity.




• IASIS Pharmaceuticals Hellas S.A. with the distinctive title IΑSIS PHARMA, is an 100% Greek pharmaceutical company active in the production, research & development, import, export and trade of pharmaceutical products, medical devices and cosmetics.

IASIS PHARMA,   has developed through the integration of two distinct companies’ joining together offering different but yet complementary characteristics:

• Chemipharma Pachis Ltd was founded in 1998 as a commercial pharmaceutical company by the chemist Dr. Konstantine S. Pachis . Soon after its formation, it achieved exceptional results in the difficult and competitive area of the pharmaceutical industry , by establishing high standards of quality and business ethics. The company developed fast demonstrating a substantial growth every year while providing remarkable performance records .

• Farmanic Ltd, on the other hand, was a traditional Greek pharmaceutical industry established in 1960s, which in 1985,developed into a modern pharmaceutical organisation, Farmanic S.A. thanks to the quality of the manufactured products, the commercial infrastracture as well as its good financial base, had gained an excellent reputation in the pharmaceutical market.

• In November 2004, Chemipharma Pachis Ltd. bought Farmanic forming a new pharmaceutical industry the Farmanic-Chemipharma S.A. The immediate assimilation of the two enterprises was achieved smoothly thanks to personnel’s enthusiasm and hard work. In a short period of time, the upward movement of the new industry towards its ambitious targets started.

• In November 2009, Farmanic-Chemipharma S.A. took the name IASIS PHARMA, under which has been operating out of Greece since 1998.

• In 2010, IASIS PHARMA recognizing the great potential of the market of non-prescription medicines, medical devices and OTC (Over The Counter) products acquired Pharma Q. Pharma Q was a modern and dynamically developing commercial pharmaceutical company, which has been founded in 2008 in order to meet the constantly increasing needs of the Greek Health Care Professionals, physicians and pharmacists. The mission of PharmaQis the provision of high quality,  innovative products which are made available exclusively through the pharmacy.

IASIS PHARMA’s manufacturing unit is located in Kamatero district of Attica. It complies with the most strict and up-to-date production guidelines and specifications (cGMP, cGLP) and it has been certified by Bureau Veritas with ISO 9001:2014. The unit has been authorized by the Greek National Organization for Medicines (EOF) and has been inspected and approved by other countries’ National Organizations for Medicines (NOM).

• In 2016 IASIS PHARMA went ahead to acquire a new property in Attica were is scheduling to build new Production Facilities, a Logistics & Distribution Center as well as a Research & Development Center


• On a daily base, IASIS PHARMA Management plans and implements its enterprising moves having as main criterion the company culture, away from any attempt to impress.

• Having created a sound “structural and functional business core”, the Management methodically leads the company in order to dynamically respond to new challenges by assessing and effectively addressing the new tendencies and opportunities,that comes across to. This can be accompished by combining in harmony, the creativity of the people along with the know-how and experience that the company has acquired in .the areas of its business activity

• IASIS PHARMA’s excellent working environment, is based upon the respect of human dignity. The continuous care of the Management for the protection and security of all its employees, represents an essential part of IASIS PHARMA’s mission.

• Our noble ambitions are to offer medicines, products and services of high quality and innovation, for the benefit of our patients-users, having as our vision to reach the top of the Greek pharmaceutical industry pyramid while representing it worthily at the international level.




• Expanding our presence in Europe, Asia and Africa promoting IASIS PHARMA while at the same time worthily representing our Greek identity

• Continuously Increasing  the portfolio of our pharmaceutical, medical devices,OTC and cosmetic  products

• Investing in biotechnology, acknowledging its importance in disease prevention as well as in therapy.

• Combining the tradition with innovation, the experience with vision, IASIS PHARMA, with its exemplary course, has already been referenced as a steadily growing Greek pharmaceutical company, always committed to providing the society with products and services of the highest quality.


• IASIS PHARMA manufacturing facilities have been into operation since 1985 in the Kamatero district, in Attica.

• The first renovation of the IASIS PHARMA plant took place in 1998, while during the period of 2007-2009 it was fully renovated in order to be in compliance with the increasing demands imposed by the Greek and European legislations.

• In 2012 the manufacturing plant has expanded with the addition of a new automatic line of production and packaging for effervescent tablets

• The long experience and tradition in the production and development of pharmaceutical products as well as the high level of productivity, in combination with the absolute focus of the company towards a Total Quality Management (TQM), is ensuring the production medicinal products of high quality and safety

• IASIS PHARMA’s plant production lines:

√ Direct compression tablets (uncoated and coated)
√ Tablets (uncoated and coated)
√ Core-shell tablets
√ Effervescent tablets
√ Filling of hard gelatin capsules, containing granule powder or pellets
√ Powders for internal and external use
√ Powders in sachets
√ Creams, ointments, emulsions and gels
√ Syrups, oral drops, solutions and suspensions for internal use
√ Solutions for external use
√ Nasal sprays
√ Cosmetic creams, liquid soaps, shampoo, disinfecting gels
√ Packaging in: blisters, sachets, tubes, bottles, vials with all types of closure pump, spray, cap.

• Research and Development represents a strategic target for IASIS PHARMA.

• Our Core business is the development of medicines and of pharmaceutical products in general, with the use of innovative pharmaceutical formulations and novel routes of administration, for which the National Organization for Medicines (EOF) has granted us the appropriate manufacturing permits

• IASIS PHARMA in order to maintain its outstanding production standards, invests systematically in the recruitment of highly qualified scientific staff and in the upgradingof technological equipment and building infrastructure.