Here, we will describe the way that IASIS PHARMA applies the system of pharmacovigilance so that, it might ensure the keeping of moral and legal obligations of the company, which concern the competent principles of undesirable activities that appear after the circulation of its pharmaceutical products in Greek market, the countries of European Union and other countries.

Pharmacovigilance (PhV)

According to the definition of World Health Organization, which also EMEA adopts, the pharmacovigilance is the science and activities that deal with the detection, the appreciation, the comprehension and prevention of side effects and other problems which have to do with medicines.

A basic principle of pharmacovigilance is the Hippocratic rule “do good or do no harm”, and its permanent goal is the security and promotion of Public Health through continual observation of safeguard data of pharmaceutical products, which are in the market in order to secure the right of patients to have safe and effective medicines. At the same time, PhV contributes to the enrichment of the knowledge of undesirable acts of medicines and takes necessary measures for their more correct and surer use.

IASIS PHARMA applies the Risk Management System

It is defined as a Risk Management System the total of pharmacovigilance’s activities, which aim for the detection, the characterization and prevention or reduction of dangers, which have to do with the use of pharmaceutical products and the evaluation of their intervention’ s efficiency.

As much in Greece as in the rest of European Union, the demand of being in use the Risk Management System is fulfilled with the submission of Risk Management Plan to the qualified authorities (for Greece is National Organization for Medicines: EOF).