IASIS PHARMA, consistently aware of its responsibility to serve at the highest possible level both health care professionals and patients, introduces to the pharmaceutical market Flusterix® in 30 g. new package.

Flusterix® 30 g. was launched in order to complete the, well-established to the pharmaceutical market, Flusterix® 15 g. package.

Flusterix® has Fusidic acid as its active ingredient, which is indicated for the treatment of staphylococcal skin infections and skin abscesses. Both packages, 15 g. and 30 g., are in the form of a cream for external use, with 1 g. of cream containing 20mg Fusidic acid.

Product Description

Active ingredient: Fusidic acid 

Form / Content 

Cream for dermatological use (tube of 15 g & 30 g).
1 g cream contains 20 mg Fusidic acid.