Winter vacation period has just ended, also affected by covid-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, IASIS PHARMA stayed focused on its corporate responsibility, in order all employees return to their jobs safely.

More specifically, before their return, all IASIS PHARMA employees were re-tested for covid-19.
The tests were carried out by a well-established private clinic at IASIS PHARMA expense, not just after the end of winter leave, but with first setting a 5-day quarantine to ensure the results.
Once again, thankfully all covid-19 tests were negative and all employees returned to their working positions, feeling safe and ensured.

Apart from covid-19 testing, IASIS PHARMA continuously carries out several pre-planned actions, being set and performed since the pandemic started:

– Before entering both IASIS PHARMA facilities of Kamatero and Koropi, everyone’s temperature is taken and antiseptic solution is used for hands’ disinfection.

– As always, continuous inspections are carried out in all production areas, to ensure that safety and hygiene guidelines are strictly being followed.

– Every meeting is performed with teleconference to avoid physical contact.

– All IASIS PHARMA employees comply with hygiene rules that have been adopted from the company, since covid-19 pandemic started: frequent and thorough hands’ wash and disinfection, along with keeping physical distances.

Last, but not least, in case someone appears possible covid-19 symptoms, a special protocol has been established by IASIS PHARMA management, to safely be isolated from the others until transported to the Hospital.

All actions mentioned above are aligned to IASIS PHARMA social corporate responsibility regarding covid-19. In March 2020, IASIS PHARMA began the free-of-charge production of 28.700lt of antiseptic solution, in its brand-new manufacturing facilities in Koropi, all delivered to the Greek Public Health System.

Luckily for mankind, vaccination against covid-19 has already started, consisting of a very important step for the disease extinction. Until that time arrives, IASIS PHARMA will still count on its prevention and safety plan· by minimizing risks, we stay safe.