The Greek Foundation of Gastroenterology and Nutrition (ELIGAST) organized the 12th Educational Meeting of ELIGAST at Royal Olympic Hotel Athens, 3-4 February 2017, under the title: “Latest Developments in Gastroenterology and Hepatology”. IASIS PHARMA participated successfully in the meeting.
The meeting’s agenda contained a wide variety of subjects in gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition, covering all the latest developments and daily clinical practices on these medical subjects.

IASIS PHARMA pointed out its active participation in the meeting, by presenting mastihatherapy® caps, a unique traditional herbal medicinal product which contains 350mg of pure Chios Mastic recommended for the treatment of for functional dyspepsia.
Medical experts showed a strong interest about this herbal medicinal product, that is known to humanity for over 4.500 years, having several historical reports, but also many scientific studies published in the recent times.

IASIS PHARMA is the only pharmaceutical company that is supplied with pure Chios Mastic directly from Chios Mastic Growers Association (EMX), ensuring the quality and authenticity of mastihatherapy® caps.
mastihatherapy® caps are available exclusively through pharmacies in packs of 30 caps and 90 caps by pharma Q, an IASIS PHARMA company.