ATHENS, 7-8/12/2019

ΙΑSIS PHARMA expressing its continuous interest in the field of gastroenterology, participated in the 17th Educational Workshop of the Professional Association of Greek Gastroenterologists (EPEGE), under the title “Endoscopy – the future, challenges and perspectives”. The event took place at Divani – Caravel Hotel in Athens, during 7-8 December 2019.

IASIS PHARMA presented mastihatherapy® caps, the unique traditional herbal medicinal product which contains 350mg of pure Chios Mastic, for the treatment of functional dyspepsia. The product is distributed through pharmacies only, in 30 & 90 caps packages.

During the event, the attending specialists were informed about IASIS PHARMA participation in the establishment of the Chios Mastiha Research & Development Center, in the Greek island of Chios. Furthermore, IASIS PHARMA brand new manufacturing facilities, Logistics and R&D center in Koropi, Athens, were also introduced.

Last, but not least, there was a special reference to Glucofree® & Glucoplus®, 850mg and 1000mg respectively. Metformin is the 1st therapeutic step in every Diabetes Mellitus Type II treatment algorithm, hith high efficacy, low risk of hypoglycemia and neutral to favorable effects on body weight.