IASIS PHARMA participated in the hybrid (both physical presence & as a webinar) dermatological conference “Spring Days of EDAE”, which took place on April 15-17,2022 at “Makedonia Palace” Hotel, Thessaloniki. Τhis time, the conference program had a different orientation, with the emphasis put on Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).

At IASIS PHARMA exhibition stand, two dermatological products were exhibited:

Modiwart®/Imiquimod, an innovative modifier of the immune response system, indicated for the treatment of: External Genital Warts, but also Superficial Basal Cell Carcinoma and Aktinic Ceratosis. Modiwart® comes in packages of 12 sachets. Each sachet contains 12,5mg imiquimod in 250mg of cream (5%).

Combi®, a combination of fluprednidene + miconazole cream, for the treatment of Inflammatory Dermatomycoses such as Fungal Vaginitis (or Vaginal Candidiasis), but also in Εczema re-infected by fungi. Combi® comes in tubes of 50 g. Each gram of the cream contains 1mg Fluprednidene acetate and 20mg Miconazole nitrate.