February 15, 2023
Royal Olympic Hotel – Athens, Electra Palace Hotel – Thessaloniki

IASIS PHARMA, having successfully completed the Research and Development of Isotretinoin soft gel caps in the new strength of 30 mg, announced the release of the new & unique Isotroin 30mg. This consists of the most appropriate pharmaceutical option for the treatment of severe acne and complements the already existing dosage range of Isotroin of 10mg, 20mg -but also the unique Isotroin of 40mg.

In this context, on February 15, 2023 and with the kind sponsorship of IASIS PHARMA, two (2) scientific lectures were held, in Athens and Thessaloniki, with the aim of highlighting even more the timeless value of Isotretinoin, (i.e. the active substance of Isotroin).

Distinguished professors presented the results of systematic studies to experienced and enthusiastic audiences of discrete dermatologists, but also shared their clinical experience on the importance of using Isotretinoin in the systemic treatment of acne, while at the same time fully demonstrated & highlighted its unsurpassed effectiveness and safety.