IASIS PHARMA announces the launch of MAG-IASIS®, the first uniquely effective combination indicated for magnesium deficiency in the form of effervescent tablets.

Each effervescent tablet of MAG-IASIS® contains: 1193.57 mg magnesium citrate & 667.56 mg magnesium aspartate equivalent to 243 mg Magnesium.

MAG-IASIS® main indications are:
● magnesium deficiency, under the condition that it cannot be reversed through diet
● muscle dysfunctions caused by magnesium deficiency (neuro-muscular disorders, muscle cramps such as calf & late-night leg cramps)

MAG-IASIS® is produced and packaged in the fully automated manufacturing line of IASIS PHARMA dedicated for Pharma Grade Effervescent Tablet Products. MAG-IASIS® comes in the easiest intake pharmaceutical form (effervescent tablets, scored) offering complete dissolution without any residues, thus resulting also in increased patient compliance and high absorption.

MAG-IASIS® is available in a pack of 40 eff. tabs. Each eff. tab contains 243 mg Magnesium and it comes in a natural lemon flavor.