IASIS PHARMA successfully participated in the 19th  Hellenic Conference for Helicobacter Pylori and Other Infections of the Peptic System that took place at the amphitheater of the Biomedical research Foundation, Athens, 15 March 2014, organized by the Hellenic Society for the Study of H pylori.

Congress invitees included distinguished gastroenterologists from Greece and abroad.

IASIS PHARMA actively participated with a unique natural pharmaceutical product: the mastihatherapy caps. These 350 mg capsules, with active ingredient natural Chios Mastic Gum, work against functional dyspepsia. The interest of the medical community was high for this natural medicine with 2,500 years of documented history, with numerous reports over the past and scientific research that is ongoing until today. ΙASIS PHARMA is the only company that acquires pure Chios Mastic directly from the Chios Mastic Growers Association ensuring the quality and originality of the production of mastihatherapy caps that are available exclusively through pharmacies in a box of 30 or 90 capsules by Pharma Q, a member of ΙΑSIS PHARMA group of companies.

Of high interest to the participating physicians was the lecture by Dr. Ch. Zavos, specialized gastroenterologist-hepatologist under the title: “Chios Mastic: Alternative Treatments”. Dr. Zavos referred to the clinical experience along with his own personal experience for the use of Chios Mastic in capsule form for the treatment of H pylori as an adjunctive approach to the standard therapeutic scheme. Το ελαφρύ γεύμα της ημερίδας ήταν επίσης ευγενική προσφορά της IASIS PHARMA.