IASIS PHARMA consistently aware of its responsibility to serve at the highest possible level the health care professionals and the patients is introducing in the pharmaceutical market the new pack of 30 caps of Relief® in order to fully comply with the Greek and International Guidelines.

Relief® caps BTx30 pack size is an important addition that completes the wide range of strengths and pharmaceutical forms of the well-established compound Thiocolchicoside.

Thiocolchicoside belongs to the therapeutic category of muscle relaxants.
: It is used in adults and adolescents from 16 years onwards as an adjuvant treatment for painful muscle contractures in acute spinal pathology.

Relief® is available in the following forms:
RELIEF GEL.EXT.US 0,25% W/W in the unique pack size of 60gr gel for external use
RELIEF INJ.SOL 4mg/2ml AMP BTx10 AMPSx2 ML injectable
RELIEF CAPS 4MG/CAP BTx30 caps for oral administration