IASIS PHARMA successfully participated in the 12th Panhellenic Conference for Dermatology and Venereology, organized by the Hellenic Society of Dermatology and Venereology (EDAE), in Hilton hotel Athens, November 3rd to 6th 2016.

Dermatologists from all over the Country attended the conference, having the chance to attend lectures and round table discussions, satellite symposiums concerning new data in various diseases in their field of expertise, such as acne, nail and hair diseases, psoriasis and melanoma.

A substantial number of Dermatologists visited IASIS PHARMA stand, where three (3) of its main dermatological products were presented:

Ιsotroin®, isotretinoin, a retinoid for the treatment of acne, is the only product of its kind in the Greek market available in soft caps of 10mg, 20mg and 40mg strength, thus helping the dermatologist to ideally customise the required dosage per patient.

Contrahist®, levocetirizine, also gathered much of the visitors’ interest. It is a new generation antihistamine, which acts as an inverse agonist on the peripheral H1 receptors with less side effects compared to the first generation drugs of this category. Contrahist® is available in two pharmaceutical forms: tabs for adults and children above 6 years of age, and syrup with wild berry taste, for children and adults having problem in swallowing pills.

Finally, Combi®, a combination of miconazole + fluprednidene in the form of a cream with excellent texture and the advantage of the 50g pack.

All three products prove IASIS PHARMA consistency in producing pharmaceutical products that offer physicians a wide range of therapeutical solutions.


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