ΙΑSIS PHARMA showed its active interest for the Field of Cardiology, by participating in the 17th Panhellenic Hypertension Conference . The conference was organized by the Hellenic Hypertension Society (Ε.Υ.Υ) and took place at Makedonia Palace Hotel, from April 6th to 8th, in Thessaloniki, Macedonia.

The event was addressed to doctors of various specializations that deal with the diagnosis and treatment of hypertension and also the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Over 50 distinguished specialised scientists, from Greece and abroad, participated as speakers during the conference.

ΙΑSIS PHARMA participated with an exhibition stand, where the attending physicians had the opportunity to be informed about the broad and high quality CVD portfolio of the company.

IASIS PHARMA, for the first time in a conference, presented Rami-Amlo® a new, original product, of a fixed-dose combination (F.D.C.) of Ramipril + Amlodipine in (10+5)mg, (5+10)mg, (5+5)mg dosages, offered also in the unique F.D.C. of Ramipril+Amlodipine (10+10)mg.

Apart from Rami-Amlo®, IASIS PHARMA also presented other key products from its CVD range, such as Licepler®, eplerenone, the first generic eplerenone marketed in Greece by a Greek Pharmaceutical Company and Avalsan®/Avalsan plus® (valsartan/+ΗCTZ), the first generic valsartan available in the Greek market.

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