Divani Caravel Hotel,
Athens, December 6th – 9th 2018

IASIS PHARMA participated successfully for one more consecutive year at the 38th Panhellenic Gastroenterology Conference. The event was organized by the Hellenic Society of Gastroenterology (E.G.E) and took place at Divani Caravel Hotel, December 6th-9th 2018. The Panhellenic Gastroenterology Conference is the highest level scientific event of E.G.E, aiming to update and inform all experts focusing in gastroenterology and hepatology.

All health experts who attended the conference and visited IASIS PHARMA stand were introduced to Mastihatherapy® caps. This unique traditional herbal medicinal product is indicated for mild dyspeptic disorders (E.M.A. 2015), produced in capsules, each containing 350mg of pure Chios Mastic.

Furthermore, health specialists were informed about the method of detection for the unique ingredients of original Chios Mastic: masticadienonic acid and iso-masticadienonic acid, the substances that are responsible for the anti-inflammatory properties of the original Chios Mastic.

That methodology has been developed exclusively by IASIS PHARMA, in co-operation with the University of Athens, and certifies the originality of pure Chios Mastic contained in the mastihatherapy® caps. Mastihatherapy® caps are distributed only through pharmacies, in 30 or 90 capsules packs, by Pharma Q, a company of IASIS PHARMA group.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the projection of IASIS PHARMA new, state-of-the-art Production Facilities, Products’ Distribution Center and R&D Center which are being completed in the region of Koropi, Attica. Last but not least, IASIS PHARMA also presented its key role participation to the establishment of the unique Mastiha Research and Innovation Center (K.E.M), based in Kallimasia, Chios island.


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