Hotel Divani Caravel,
Athens, 10 – 13/11/2022

IASIS PHARMA participated (with sponsorship) in the 42nd Panhellenic Gastroenterological Conference, held under the auspices of the Hellenic Gastroenterological Society (EGE), at Hotel Divani Caravel in Athens on 10 – 13/11/2022.

IASIS PHARMA presented the unique herbal medicine [E.M.A. 2015], Mastiha var.Chia®caps, which can be used against functional dyspepsia, with the natural Chios mastic (Pistacia lentiscus var chia, 350mg) as its active ingredient.

Previously, the lack of a monograph on the analysis of the components of Chios mastic resin, had created a serious gap in the quality control of both the product itself and its by-products.

Recently, IASIS PHARMA Research and Development Department, in collaboration with the School of Pharmacy of the University of Athens, elaborated the Development of Analytical Methods for the Qualitative Determination of Chios Mastic Active Ingredients, as well as the Quantitative Determination of its main Components, as the only reliable analytical approach for Chios mastic quality control, along with the confrontation of any potential case of merchantry fraud.

Consequently, IASIS PHARMA, using the relevant technology and the suitable scientific “know-how”, offers Updated Data, Important Scientific Facts & the Latest Developments regarding this unique herbal product that has a wide range of beneficial, but mainly therapeutical indications for human beings.