IASIS PHARMA, compliant to its social corporate responsibility, after the free-of-charge production of 28.700lt of antiseptic solution for the Greek public health system, this time and in order all IASIS PHARMA employees to return to their jobs as safely as possible, carried out several pre-planned actions:

– All IASIS PHARMA employees passed from covid-19 tests. The tests were performed after the end of their summer leave and after everyone stayed in quarantine for at least five days before the test, to ensure that the results would be reliable. The covid-19 tests were performed by a well-established private clinic, at IASIS PHARMA expense. Fortunately, all test results were negative, with every employee returning to work only after having the covid-19 test result.

– Before entering both IASIS PHARMA manufacturing facility of Kamatero and manufacturing facility of Koropi, everyone’s temperature is recorded and antiseptic solution is used for hands’ disinfection.

– As always, continuous inspections are carried out in all production areas, to ensure that health and safety regulations are being followed strictly.

– Every meeting is performed with teleconference to avoid physical contact.

– All IASIS PHARMA employees, administrative staff, factory workers and medical representatives, comply with hygiene rules that have been adopted by the company, since covid-19 crisis began: frequent hands’ wash and disinfection, along with keeping physical distances.

– Since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, IASIS PHARMA provides free of charge all employees with in-house manufactured antiseptic solutions, and single use surgical protection masks.

Finally, in case someone appears possible covid-19 symptoms, a special protocol has been established to safely be isolated from the others until transported to the Hospital.

There is no doubt that humanity has yet to travel some distance until reaching covid-19 scientific eradication. Until that time, believing that the best way of protection is prevention, IASIS PHARMA will carry on taking acts of prevention and hygiene precautions. Minimizing risks, we stay safe.