Kastri, Athens, 4/2/2022

Even more increased, concerning both its members and its activities compared to the previous year, IASIS PHARMA held its new year’s cake cutting event on Friday, February 4, 2022. The event took place in Kastri, Athens, complying to the measures against COVID-19 and with all of its personnel fully vaccinated, who had the opportunity to meet, discuss and exchange wishes for the new year.

For 2022, IASIS PHARMA management team wished for health, responsibility and dedication to the goals, in order each employee and the company in total, to achieve even greater success.

Despite the adversity that COVID-19 pandemic has created, 2022 meets IASIS PHARMA in a phase of further development, with an even stronger presence in every field of its activities:
IASIS PHARMA second, state-of-the-art production unit in Koropi is fully operational, responding reliably to the ever-increasing demands of the Greek and international market.

Despite that, equally important to IASIS PHARMA is Research & Development. For 2022:
– The creation of the company’s state-of-the-art Research Center, built and equipped with GMP standards, is nearing completion.
– Also worth mentioning is IASIS PHARMA active participation in several scientific research activities, such as Chios Mastic Research & Development Center, Natural Products Competence Center, as well as in other scientific research projects, for which you can find information in the respective section of the website.

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