On Wednesday, 11 February 2015 at the Cycladic Art Museum, pharma Q, a member of the ΙΑSIS group of companies, organized a scientific meeting for pharmacists under the title “IASIS (Cure): By the hand of the Pharmacist”. The lectures, which were very well received by the audience concerned two of the most important products of the company, mastihatherapy caps®, 350 mg capsules containing natural Chios Mastic, indicated for functional dyspepsia and Licosil®, the first and only Greek generic of sildenafil for erectile dysfunction.

Dr. Ch. Zavos, gastroenterologist-hepatologist, lectured on the benefits that mastihatherapy caps offer on functional dyspepsia, for the relief of the symptoms of heartburn, stomach and epigastric pain as  a completely safe treatment lacking any undesirable effects.


Dr. Pan. Tsarouhas, Internist, Director of the Doping Control Service of the Olympic Athletic Center of Athens, Member of the UEFA Anti-Doping Committee, lectured on the pathology and symptoms of erectile dysfunction  and its therapeutic approach with the use of drugs like the well-known sildenafil. The participating pharmacists expressed high interest on both subjects through a series of questions addressed to both speakers.


In addition, all those who attended the meeting had the opportunity to visit the Museum’s Exhibition under the title: “IASIS (Cure): Health, Disease, Therapy from Homer to Galen”