Divani Caravel Hotel Athens Greece

The Pharmaceutical Industry in Greece has completed 90 years since its foundation in 1933 as the Union of Pharmaceutical Laboratories which evolved into the Panhellenic Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (P.E.F.).

On Tuesday, 26.09.23, at a brilliant anniversary event at the “Divani Caravel” hotel, Panhellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Industries honored the people who laid the foundations of the sector for the current edifice of the Greek pharmaceutical industry, its pioneers and founders whose values and vision are today a source of inspiration for the younger generations.

Within the framework of the event, the founders of the domestic pharmaceutical industry were awarded, including IASIS PHARMA (evolution-renaming of Farmanic-Chemipharma).

Farmanic Ltd. evolved into the thriving pharmaceutical company Farmanic S.A. by Konstantinos Generakis in 1985.

Chemipharma Pachis Ltd. was founded as a pharmaceutical company in 1996 by chemist Dr. Konstantinos S. Pachis and in a short period of time managed to establish himself in the difficult and extremely competitive field of medicine, establishing high standards of quality and ethics and presenting remarkable performances.

In 2004, Chemipharma Pachis acquired Farmanic, creating a new company, Farmanic-Chemipharma S.A. which in 2009 was renamed, IASIS PHARMA.

Mr. Konstantinos S. Pahis, Founder, CEO and President of IASIS PHARMA, in the context of the anniversary event of P.E.F. entitled “90 years of Greek Medicine”, received an Honorary Plaque as one of the Founders of the modern domestic pharmaceutical industry and referred to his vision, having already created a “healthy business cell”, which methodically develops and responds to new challenges, capitalizing on new trends and opportunities, while at the same time harmoniously combining people’s creativity with know-how and experience.

In his speech, Mr. Konstantinos S. Pahis made a special mention of the leaders of the domestic pharmaceutical industry who “laid solid foundations and planted deep roots from which blossomed exquisitely: the modern Greek Pharmaceutical Industry”, but he also referred to the current data of IASIS PHARMA with the two factories, the two subsidiaries, the modern Research & Development Center, export presence in 32 foreign countries and recently, the Chios Mastic Research Center, a joint venture with the Chios Mastic Producers Association in Chios.