Putting the emphasis on Authenticity.

European Medicines Agency (EMA) recognized Chios Mastic as a medicine of herbal origin at the meeting that took place in London, on August 7 2015. The decision was unanimous and Chios Mastic was accepted to be included in the category of traditional herbal medicines.

IASIS PHARMA played a pivotal role in the recognition of Chios Mastic both at European and global level as a unique herbal medicine with a wide range of beneficial but primarily therapeutic indications for human.

Despite that the therapeutic use of Chios Mastic is well known to humanity since 2500 B.C., with countless beneficial reports throughout history, scientific research still carries on until today.

The most recent review about traditional uses, phytochemistry and pharmacology of Chios Mastic gum, has been successfully completed and composed by the Department of Pharmacognosy & Chemistry of Natural Products, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Athens.

The review can be found in the following link: