The pandemic that was spread by COVID-19, apart from the irreplaceable loss of human life, also caused several shocks to the global economy and entrepreneurship. Nevertheless, under the auspices of the Panhellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Industry (PEF), Greek pharmaceutical companies stepped in to support both the Greek State and the patients. IASIS PHARMA played a key role in this effort.

More specifically, IASIS PHARMA proceeded to the following actions:

Free of charge antiseptics production
The Panhellenic Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (PEF), through its member companies, undertook the production of antiseptic solutions for the country’s hospitals, at no cost to the State.
IASIS PHARMA produced and delivered to the Greek Ministry of Health 28.700 lt of antiseptic solutions. The production took place in the company’s brand new manufacturing site in Koropi, more specifically in the state-of-the art liquids’ production facility.

Donation of 40 high-tech ICU beds
Several PEF members-companies, IASIS PHARMA being among them, further strengthened Greek hospitals and especially Intensive Care Units so that they could potentially meet their particularly high needs, by donating 40 high-tech ICU beds. The 40 specialized ICU beds are American-made and their advanced design allows patients to move more easily, thus helping to reduce hospitalization time. This donation aims to increase the capacity of public health facilities in intensive care units, especially during the fight against COVID-19.

Donation of medicines and personal protection equipment
PEF, with the contribution of its companies-members, IASIS PHARMA included, also donated:
– Medicines to the social pharmacies of the Holy Archbishopric of Athens and 40 Municipalities throughout Greece
– 60 patient monitoring monitors for National Health System’s intensive care patients
– 500,000 masks of various types to the NHS, the Hellenic Police, the Fire Brigade, the Armed Forces and local government institutions
– Large quantities of gloves, oximeters, pressure gauges and disinfectants at the University of Athens and at “Sotiria” and “Alexandra” hospitals
– Protective equipment and pharmacy items to local institutions.

Medicines’ adequacy
IASIS PHARMA remains in constant communication with PEF, to ensure the adequacy of the necessary drugs for patients. Throughout the quarantine and until now, the company has not shown any shortage of medicines.

Despite all the above actions, IASIS PHARMA remains vigilant and will provide any other future action needed to contribute to the elimination of COVID-19 coronavirus disease, as fast and effectively as possible.